The threat against pregnancy centers is just getting worse

Lately, we’ve seen less and less headlines about bombed antenatal centers. Thank God too. No good news.

Still, don’t assume your pro-life organization is safer than it was this summer. If anything, hostility toward pregnancy centers has escalated since last summer’s abortions. Law vs Wade And a commitment on the part of abortion advocates to unleash a “summer of rage.”

The violent attack on the center itself remains uncharged, despite the FBI’s feeble claims that it is investigating and its apparent eagerness to prosecute the living advocate.

Just this month, the cries of pro-abortion protesters interrupted a half-dozen DC Pregnancy Center fundraisers. While women who attended the event testified how the center served them and saved children, these protesters treated them as collateral damage to the attack.

In addition, multiple legislative items have been introduced with the aim of intimidating and silencing these centers. The “Stop Anti-Abortion Disinformation Act” (SAD) explicitly recruits the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to target and suppress the activities of pregnancy centers. For those paying attention, this action requires collusion between governments and Big Tech to suppress First Amendment speech.

The bill targets “misleading” abortion advertising, but does not explicitly identify the “tactics” or “information” it seeks to crack down on. In fact, fertility centers can help solve the problem in this case because they provide facts to women.

They provide services such as ultrasounds to show women who have decided to have an abortion their pregnant children. We distribute medical literature that describes the scientific consensus about child development within.

Ironically, the bill supports women’s “freedom to decide if and when to have children.”

Just because groups like Jane’s Revenge have temporarily stopped firebombing pregnancy centers doesn’t mean those centers are safe.

Meanwhile, the “HHS Reproductive and Sexual Health Ombuds Act of 2022” requests the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to create an abortion information tour or “ombuds.” This tsar could call for federal investigations into disinformation violators, backed by full executive powers of the HHS, and was primarily responsible for monitoring, developing, and cracking down on publicly available abortion narratives. will exist.

To clarify: This establishes the Orwellian level of federal influence over the debate of raw medical and moral issues.

The bill itself doesn’t explicitly specify which side of the abortion controversy is considered politically or legally credible, but you don’t have to look too hard to figure it out. In response to the ongoing “attacks on abortion rights.”

No. Just because groups like Jane’s Revenge have temporarily stopped firebombing pregnancy centers doesn’t mean those centers are safe. Or left untargeted by the hegemons of our society.

While our progressive political leaders actively foster a culture of distrust, hostility, and vigilance, men and women working in pregnancy centers across America ensure that women have every resource they need. In order to do so, we work quietly without failure.

These clinics, their staff and patients must be legally and politically protected before it’s too late. He needs the support of his legislators, attorney general, activists and community leaders. Mothers, fathers, pastors and journalists must come together to defend the truth. No matter how aggressively the truth is defamed.

A newborn child should be protected. Their mothers deserve our support and full medical guidance. The pregnancy centers that serve these women are saving and changing lives.

Just because vigilantes aren’t as frequent as they were this summer doesn’t mean abortion advocates have stopped their constant intimidation campaigns. Pro-Life is a sad moment to see him react, “Well, at least we’re not incendiary,” when measuring the well-being of the community. This is a very poor measure of our country’s attitude towards human dignity, not the attitude of the pro-life community. Together, to ensure that vulnerable women continue to receive the care they need during critical pregnancies. I can. can and must.

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