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you actually Do You Know What the Tissues of an Aborted Pregnancy Look Like? New Editorial from new york times It proves once and for all that abortion looks very different from what we have been told.

Respect for what it should be Law vs Wade50th anniversary ofprimary care physicians Erika Bliss, Joan Fleischman, and Michele Gomez, co-founders of the organization MYAbortion Network and an abortion provider herself, authored an editorial using real-life images of early pregnancy tissue. , showing fragments of the endometrium and gestational sac from patients between 5 and 9 weeks’ gestation, where the majority of abortions are performed in the United States.

Surprise, surprise: Contrary to what anti-abortion activists would have you believe, tissue does not resemble a human fetus at all.

In that article, Fleischmann, a New York-based health care provider, recalled showing Jewel, one of her patients, early pregnancy tissue from her surgery. “I thought we were going to bring in something that looked like a little fetus or something, but it wasn’t at all,” Jewel told her.

Three doctors explained that this kind of reaction is all too common. last October, Guardian We also published early pregnancy tissue images from the MYAbortion Network. “Many people, even abortion rights advocates, did not believe the photos were accurate.Bliss, Fleischmann, and Gomez wrote. “Our photos were verified by a gynecological pathologist at Stanford University, and many people couldn’t believe they hadn’t been altered.”

“About 80% of abortions in the United States occur at nine weeks of age or earlier, so combating medical misinformation related to early pregnancy is important to us,” they continued. rice field. “Many of the images people see of abortion come from anti-abortion groups who have promoted their own cause by promoting misleading images of the fetus for decades.”

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Bliss, Fleishman, and Gomez now feel very important. Law vs WadeA landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision that protected abortion access nationwide for nearly 50 years is no longer in force. A shocking loss of reproductive rights, egg This means that state legislatures can now decide whether to restrict or outlaw abortion.

“In many ways, medical care related to abortion has never been easier,” the three doctors concluded. “And we know that abortion is an important part of primary care and has the potential to be widely available in mainstream practice settings. [reversal of Roe] It didn’t suddenly put many colleagues in states across the country in danger. Ensuring that patients, colleagues, and the public have clear and objective information about abortion is critical to ensuring that patients receive appropriate care.

As Axios Reportedly, 17 states now restrict or ban abortion. Among them is Texas, where Fleischman’s patient, Jewel, left to undergo the operation safely and legally.

Sadly, she’s not alone.according to jam Nearly a third of pregnant Americans have to travel more than an hour to get to the nearest abortion provider, according to a study published last November.

“It’s so nice to see images of what an early pregnancy/abortion looks like. new york times,” murmured Author and reproductive justice activist Jessica Valenti. “This is what Republicans want more rights for. [pregnant people]”

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