Tia-Clair Toomey Announces Pregnancy, Will Not Compete in the 2023 CrossFit Season

Christmas came early for six-time CrossFit Games champion Tia-Clair Toomey and her husband and coach Share Orr. On December 24, 2022, Toomey posted the following on her Instagram page.There have been minor changes to the events for this 2023 season. From our growing family to yours, we are so excited to share — we are pregnant.

Later that day, Shane Orr posted on Instagram, “2023 may look different, but it will be my best achievement yet.”

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Additionally, on Toomey and Orr’s YouTube channel, the couple said, “I will not be participating in the 2023 CrossFit GamesThe nearly 10-minute exchange between Toomey and Orr is full of humor, sincerity, and tension, but also in a variety of emotions. Toomey said, “My seventh title will be on hold for the time being.”

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Toomey’s competitive history

2023 will be the first time Toomey has not competed in a CrossFit Games since 2015. After placing her second in 2015 and her 2016 Games, she broke through and in 2017 won her first CrossFit Games by two points behind fellow Australian Kara Saunders. won.

Toomey maintained his momentum and set the most dominant streak in the history of the sport by an individual crossfitter. This is his 5th place in the Fittest Man on Earth®, ex-training his partner Matt his Fraser and the second closest female competitor Annie he is Solisdottir and Katrin her Davisdottir has won his two CrossFit game titles respectively.

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Scenes from the 2023 Women’s Individual Division

Toomey’s absence from the 2023 elite women’s individual field opens up the top spot on the tournament podium for the first time in over five years. Several women are on the cusp of becoming the Fittest Woman on Earth® as Toomey’s successors.

Leading the pack are the podium finishers at the 2022 event. 18-year-old Mallory O’Brien finished her second in the competition in her sophomore season as an individual, while 25-year-old Hungarian Laura Horvath was her third. She won the 2022 Olympics and has her second place finish in Toomey’s career in 2018 and her 2021 Olympics.

There is uncertainty after the game’s final event in 2022, confirming it will be in contention for a seventh consecutive game title, but there is no doubt that a new Fittest Woman on Earth® will be crowned in 2023.

Featured Image: @tiaclair1 on Instagram

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