TikToker goes viral for sharing terrifying list of reasons not to get pregnant

There are many reasons for not getting pregnant. First, because I don’t want to have children.

However, the people on TikTok have highlighted the amazing changes a woman’s body goes through before and after pregnancy in the form of a list to remind people of the hardships that pregnancy brings.

One TikToker, Jada Jay, has compiled a list of 176 reasons not to get pregnant based on bizarre and scary pregnancy stories from other TikTokers.

And some of the reasons are really daunting.

The list of reasons goes on and on, from “getting a bigger shoe size” to “my nipples may drop” to “hormonal changes may make my sweat turn blue”.

Commenters found the long list of reasons both terrifying and amusing, with some agreeing that it was a valid list of reasons for not having children, and some believing it to be a bit dramatic. Some people are

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In one video that has 9 million views, a mother shared how her child tore an earring and split her earlobe in two.

Jada Jay stitched together the video and explained why, “You could give birth. [snapping turtle]”


@J Sacs Oh my!!! #fyp #resonsnottogetpregnant #pregnancyhorrors #pregnancylist

People thanked TikToker for compiling a list of precautions to avoid getting pregnant.

“Thank you for helping me so much with this list,” one person wrote.

“As a mother, I agree with everything on this list,” said another commenter.

However, others have pointed out that the earrings can rip even without children.

“You don’t have to write that anything can happen in life.”

“No, my earrings did that to me in kindergarten.”

Other videos have similar discussions in the comments section.

In a video in which Jada Jay ranks the “Most Frightening Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Pregnant,” one commenter got upset that TikToker was sharing a horror story.


Your daily contraceptive dose ☃️ #fyp #reasonsnottogetpregnant #pregnancyhorrors #pregnancylist #Inverted

Some people have echoed concerns that the list of reasons could deter people from wanting to have children by scaring them.

“What’s the point of scaring pregnant or non-pregnant women so they don’t have babies? Keep your opinion to yourself. Everyone’s mom survived this.” A commenter wrote:

Jada Jay responded by creating a video called “Looking for studies to support your claim that ‘everyone’s mom survived pregnancy'”.

Jada Jay isn’t the first TikToker to create a list of reasons not to conceive, but she’s expanded the list with wilder stories of children and pregnancy.

The first “reasons not to get pregnant” list appeared earlier this year after TikToker Yuni started trending.

But after Uni stopped making videos over the summer, other TikTok users picked up where she left off.

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