TikTok’s ‘Pregnancy Nose’ Videos, Explained

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Stretch marks, swollen legs, morning sickness, and more, the effects of pregnancy on your body are predictable. And there are many other lesser-known side effects as TikTokers discover more and more together. decreased vision, hair loss, new moles and blackheads, lose teeth from lack of calciumand — due to the viral trend on TikTok that went viral in the first week of 2023 —“pregnant nose”

Pregnant people have recently shared before and after videos of their faces styling, specifically revealing how pregnancy made their noses look bigger. , or pregnancy rhinitis is real. pregnancy rhinitis It occurs as a result of increased blood flow to mucous membranes throughout the body, causing these areas to swell.

TikToker Alex Jacobson, @alexjoelenejacobson, make clear “I didn’t gain any weight during my pregnancy,” explained the nose, which widened significantly at the end of her pregnancy, and when she checked into the hospital, she was “15 pounds lighter” than she was before the pregnancy test came back positive. It wasn’t from the weight gain, it was purely from the swelling and all the water I was holding onto,” Jacobsen says in the video.

Dr. Rachel Neal, a Georgia-based gynecologist and fellow of Physicians for Reproductive Health, treats many patients who experience “pretty benign, fairly harmless” changes like “pregnant noses.” He told Jezebel that he had come. If you don’t make it a little bigger, it will make your nose bigger. ” Neal is happy that the trend on TikTok is giving people more information about what to expect when pregnant. She said, “Pregnancy changes your body in so many ways. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where I, as a doctor, could prepare someone for every possible eventuality.

Another example of “pregnant nose” – Tok:

“So if you saw me when you were pregnant, you didn’t.” caption One TikTok read for a viral, first upbeat, then aggressively downbeat sound.

another A TikTok with the same audio is captioned, “Neither the best time nor nine months.”

The “pregnant nose” videos are generally lighthearted and fun, and often evoke kind comments from fellow new moms and pregnant ones. But there are also undeniable signs of this trend. Why are so few people aware of rhinitis during pregnancy and, for that matter, all the other pregnancy-based side effects? The condition can be particularly dizzying and stressful just because it’s so unexpected.

T.he has increased cultural appeal Pregnancy related body horror content It doesn’t seem like every horror film extends from voyeurism or schadenfreude to exploit pregnancy more and more as fodder for the shock factor. and taking into account the culture of stigma.

For a long time, pregnant women have been expected to ride through the minefield of pregnancy-related complications and disease without complaints, and certainly without warning. has changed this, providing a space for people to talk about shared experiences and prepare for each other. “I don’t want people who have experienced some of these more benign or cosmetic changes that occur during pregnancy to feel ashamed or offended by how their bodies have changed.” She said, “But I think social media can help you build community with other people going through things similar to yours.”

Early on, young people regularly fail sexual health education classes. When a person becomes pregnant Inevitably one surprise after another, often left blindsided by lack of warning about critical issues —for example, pregnancy causes a severe calcium deficiency that can lead to tooth decay if not properly cared for, or fetal cells remain for decades in the body of a pregnant person (or possibly permanently).

Of course, many people would probably still choose to get pregnant if they knew these potential side effects existed, but considering how dramatically and permanently pregnancy affects the body. And the problem is that so many are forced to make informed choices. Reproductive health providers can help address this, Neil said.More and more people planning to conceive are citing the “underutilized value of a pre-pregnancy visit” to ask all the questions you may have about every aspect of pregnancy before you conceive. But just as important as listening and acknowledging other people’s stories is, Neil emphasizes, is recognizing how unique each pregnancy is.

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