Trapped worker surprised with pregnancy news before being rescued

A Pennsylvania man who had been partially buried in a collapsing trench for hours received great news just before he was rescued. he will be a father!

Two construction workers were trapped Wednesday afternoon after the trenches they were working in in Allentown collapsed. When rescuers arrived, one of his workers actually climbed a ladder so he could escape from the 12-foot trench.

Another worker was unfortunately buried in debris from the neck down. Thankfully he was vigilant and was able to speak to the rescue team.

After propping up the trenches to prevent further collapse, officials said the crew worked to free the men by moving dirt with vacuum systems, shovels, and their hands.

A rescue team rescues trapped construction workers from a collapsed trench in Allentown, Pennsylvania, January 11. (City of Allentown)

“He was under the care of paramedics the entire time he was in the trench,” said Capt. John Christopher of the Allentown Fire Department.

About an hour before the rest of the construction workers were rescued and pulled out of the trenches, he was told by his wife that he was expecting their first child, according to an update on the city of Allentown’s Facebook page.

“And every story deserves a happy ending…Just before we pulled him out of the trenches, the rescued man’s wife told him she was pregnant with their first child! ” I read the post in part.

Authorities have not revealed what caused the trench to collapse, nor have they provided an update on the man’s condition.

A U.S. Department of Labor spokesperson confirmed that the Department of Labor’s Office of Health (OSHA) is investigating the trench collapse.

This story was reported from Los Angeles. Fox 29 Philadelphia contributed to this report.

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