Tunisha Sharma wasn’t pregnant, died of suffocation due to hanging, reveals post-mortem report

Contrary to speculation, Tunisha Sharma’s posthumous report reveals that she is not pregnant. She committed suicide on December 24th.

Mumbai,Has been updated: December 25, 2022 12:54 PM IST

Tunisha Sharma committed suicide on 24 December.

Tunisha Sharma committed suicide on 24 December.

Dev Kotak: Tunisha Sharma committed suicide on December 24th. It is speculated that she may have been pregnant with this actress. When asked about the same, DCP commented that investigations and post-mortem analyzes were still ongoing.

Tunisha was not pregnant, confirms posthumous report

Tunisha Sharma, 20, passed away on December 24th. She reportedly committed suicide by hanging herself in the dressing room of her ex-boyfriend Sheezan Mohammed Khan. They were co-stars in Alibaba: Dastan E Kabul.Tunisha’s body was taken to her JJ hospital in Mumbai for an autopsy early this morning. Reports confirm that Tunisha’s death was due to asphyxiation. No trace of injury was found on her body.

Speculation abounded that the actress was pregnant. However, police sources denied the same. She found no wounds on her body. After hanging her, she died of suffocation.

Tunisha’s cremation likely to take place on December 26

A post-mortem autopsy for TV actress Tunisha Sharma was conducted at Mumbai’s JJ Hospital on December 25. A team of 4-5 doctors attended the postmortem. Her body was about to be handed over to her family around 11:00 am. However, it has now been postponed to Monday. It was previously reported that the cremation would take place on Sunday around 4pm. However, according to the latest update, her body will likely be cremated on December 26th.

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