UK woman fired because of pregnancy gets awarded Rs 15 lakh compensation

major highlights

  • A British woman was fired after telling her manager about her pregnancy.
  • She has had multiple miscarriages in the past.
  • She was awarded around 150,000 rupees as compensation.

One woman lost her job after reporting her pregnancy to upper management. Well, their reaction to her pregnancy earned her compensation of around Rs 150,000.

Charlotte Leitch, a 34-year-old woman, worked in administration for a security systems supplier company based in Essex. The woman was fired from her job as soon as she reported her pregnancy to her manager.street mirrorThe woman, who is already a mother, said she was concerned about the welfare of her unborn child. In response to her concerns, the female manager served her a letter of dismissal.
pregnant woman dismissed
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Furthermore, the manager claimed the woman was not eligible to take maternity leave because she had not signed an employment contract. , a few days after the dismissal, the woman lost her child.

Soon after, Leach’s case was registered with the Employment Tribunal. Commenting on her lawsuit to the Employment Tribunal, the woman said, “It hurt me. It seriously affected my life. It caused complete chaos. I had panic attacks all the time.”

After investigating her case thoroughly, the woman was awarded 150,000 rupees (about £14,885) in compensation. Leach began employment with her CIS service in May 2021 as her administrative assistant. Her annual salary package was around Rs.200,000.

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