Um, How Long Has Madeline From ‘Emily In Paris’ Been Pregnant For?

This post contains spoilers for Emily in Paris Season 3.

Ever since “Emily in Paris” premiered in 2020, fans of the hit Netflix series have had one burning question on their minds: when will Madeline (Kate Walsh) give birth?

The character was pregnant in seasons 1 and 2, and returns in season 3 with a bigger baby bump. Spoiler alert: Madeline finally gives birth to a baby in Season 3!

But fans still enjoy this one plot point. The entire It took place over the span of about eight or nine months of the show.

Kate Walsh plays Madeline, an American marketing executive. stephanie branch / netflix

Madeline finds out she is pregnant in the season one premiere.

When we first met Madeline, she was preparing to move to Paris to work at Savoir, a French marketing agency recently acquired by her American marketing company (The Gilbert Group). While talking to Emily (Lily Collins), Madeline smells French perfume and nauseates.

We later learn that she is pregnant and has given up her job in Paris. Instead, Emily embarks on an adventure in Europe across the pond.

In one scene early in the season, Madeline explains her pregnancy symptoms to Emily and says she is jealous of her living the life of a single woman in Paris. However, she is mostly absent for the remainder of the season.

Emily in Paris
Madeline travels to Paris in season two. stephanie branch / netflix

Madeline reappears in Season 2

It’s hard to say how long it’s been since her last appearance, but Madeline reappeared in Episode 7 of Season 2, where she met Emily’s French boss, Sylvie (Leroy Beaulieu of the Philippines). I called.) Her baby bump has grown noticeably.

After all, many viewers also very I am confused about the timeline of the series. One Twitter user pointed out how the weather doesn’t reflect the time. probably Passed based on the progress of Madeline’s pregnancy.

Madeline visits Paris at the end of Season 2

Much to Emily’s surprise and Sylvie’s dismay, Madeline makes a surprise visit to Paris at the end of the season, saying, “I will never leave my house again if this little monster comes out, so the business trip must happen ‘now’ or ‘never’.” He said,

Emily’s colleague Luc (Bruno Gauery) rubs Madeline’s stomach and predicts that she will have a boy. Madeline lounges in Sylvie’s office with her exercise ball, but her bump seems to be getting bigger by the day.

Many social media fans reveled in the fact that when Madeline gave up her job in Paris because she was pregnant, she traveled to France as her due date approached.

Madeline (Finally) Gives Birth in Season 3

As viewers prepared to dive into Season 3, many took to Twitter to joke about the fact that Madeline was pregnant for years.

Again, many viewers said they were unsure of the show’s timeline.

Season 3 picks up where season 2 left off, with Madeline dealing with the effects of the “French Revolution” (aka when they all quit at the end of season 2) on the Savoy crew.

Madeline and Emily run alone, but Emily, who is working with Sylvie, works up the courage to tell Madeline that she is quitting.

Madeline prematurely finds out when Luc told her without knowing it was a secret. She then confronts Emily and Sylvie at the Eiffel Tower restaurant, where they are hosting a business meeting.

Emily in Paris.
Madeline is ready to pop out at the start of Season 3.stephanie branch / netflix

Once there, Madeline’s water breaks on the table and splatters all over Sylvie’s shoes. She is taken by ambulance to the hospital and gives birth to a boy. Nurses said she was the biggest baby she had given birth in months.

Madeline immediately returns to work and begins milking in her office. au pair take care of her son. Naturally, some viewers wondered why she returned to her job so quickly.

In Episode 3 of Season 3, Madeline leaves Paris for Chicago. That’s her final scene where viewers see her (and her former baby bump).

So that means the whole show took place in about eight or nine months

The third season of ‘Emily in Paris’ takes place in June, as it depicts the Paris music festival held each June.

If Emily were to arrive in Paris in November, the entire show and its many love triangles would be compressed into a relatively short timeline: one gestation period.

Of course, this isn’t the first time viewers have laughed about a seemingly long pregnancy on a Netflix show. I pointed out that

Emily in Paris
In Season 3, Madeline finally gave birth.stephanie branch / netflix

The character first learns in the first season of the show that she is expecting a child (which turns out to be twins), and is still pregnant in Season 4. Oh, and five months pregnant, by the way. Only time will tell how long it will take for Charmaine to give birth, but she hopes she will have closure soon like Madeline did.

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