Um, Keke Palmer Just Posted An Iconic AF, Mega-Strong Pregnancy Pic On IG

Keke Palmer shines with strong pregnancy IG photoRachel Murray – Getty Images

  • Keke Palmer just released the most iconic pregnancy photo of 2023 and the internet is going crazy.

  • The actress wore a cutout gauze gown that showed off her ridges, giving her a strong, confident, glowing mommy vibe.

  • Keke is into cycling and yoga, but has yet to reveal a specific pregnancy routine.

When it comes to pregnancy photoshoots, I thought I’d seen it all: Demi Moore covered in sheets and Beyoncé looking like a total queen surrounded by flowers. may have just blown the competition away with her latest artistic IG post.

Keke announced her pregnancy while hosting saturday night live Last month, she legally had an angelic photoshoot, and luckily, she shared the merchandise with her fans and followers on Instagram.

In the photo, Keke is posing on what appears to be a half-moon, wearing a flowing yellow gown and showing off her growing belly. It also has a natural shine that makes it drop gold.

“It gives poetry. It gives MICHAEL ANGELO. It gives Sistine Chapel. It gives MASTERPIECE. 🤣🤣🤣,” Keke captioned the photo. Hmm.

She continues: The greatest gift from above we could ever dream of. We are looking forward to meeting your children! We are so happy to be your Earth Parents as the hand of God has been placed so gently on your life.

Clearly, people love to peek into Keke’s pregnancy and let her know in the comments section. 😭♥️This is amazing,” wrote one follower. And another added, “It gives it all!” I couldn’t agree more!

Keke didn’t share much about her pregnancy wellness routine last year (she’s getting ready to give birth), but she did share that she discovered cycling. and loved it!

“I never thought I’d be that girl! I’m so annoyed with her!” she said Zoe Report“I realized how much faster I could burn calories on the cycle machine than on the treadmill. I could just sit on that bike for 40 minutes, chill out and watch TV and finish the day.” .”

Keke also loves yoga, which she started as a teenager, she said. women’s healthInitially, however, her goals focused on aesthetics. “I want to do an action movie one day, so I want my body to look good,” she said. is not.”

But as I practiced more and more, I began to understand that I shouldn’t be competing with my fellow yogis.

“I realized that I shouldn’t be competing with my classmates. I should be in my own zone,” she said.

This also led Keke to another useful discovery regarding self-care. She “realized that she had to practice loving herself in the same way she practices acting,” she said. White.

i love this approach. Squash it and keep delivering all your incredible maternity content, Keke!

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