Unborn baby killed after expectant mom, 9 months pregnant, shot in back

GREENWOOD, South Carolina (WHNS/Gray News) – Police are investigating a shooting in South Carolina that killed a man and killed a pregnant woman’s fetus.

The woman, who was nine months pregnant, was shot in the back, according to the Greenwood Police Department. She survived, but her fetus did not.

Officers were called to Cardinal Glenn’s apartment around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday for a gunshot report.

By the time police arrived, two shooting victims had already been taken to hospital. Witnesses told officers that a man and a woman were in a car when the suspect approached them and shot them.

The male victim, identified as Gabriel Goode, 24, was shot in the leg and died in hospital Wednesday morning.

The female victim was shot in the back and suffered non-life-threatening injuries, but lost her unborn child.

Police identified the suspect as 21-year-old Javier Williams. He was arrested Tuesday afternoon and charged with murder.

Williams had just been released from prison on Monday, the day before the shooting, on gun and drug charges he had received days earlier, according to records.

Williams appeared in court on Wednesday, where a judge told him he could face the death penalty for murder. Faces a total of up to 45 years in prison.

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