Vikings: Valhalla’s Frida Gustavsson Details Season 2 Pregnancy

WARNING: This article contains season 2 spoilers Vikings: Valhalla.

season 2 of Vikings: Valhalla presented a new challenge to the star Frida Gustafsson.

The Swedish actress underwent extensive training to portray the shield maiden Freydís Eiríksdóttir in Season 1 of the Netflix drama, but as her character changed from a Viking warrior to a pregnant mother, she decided to cast herself in the new season. I had to change the way I carried myself.

“I don’t just fight, I fight while I’m pregnant and in a dress,” Frida told E! News about her Season 2 makeover. “I worked really closely with Susan O’Connor Caveour amazing costume designer, and we analyzed the season’s entire arc of how far along she’s been in her pregnancy.

“Then I worked with the prosthetics team to create the right amount of prosthetics for where I am on stage. It really shifted my center of balance and taught me how to fight again.”

How did she feel while filming with the fake baby bump? “It changed everything about my physicality, so I felt so protected,” she recalled. “Suddenly my legs started to turn out a little bit because my stomach got heavy and my hips changed position. I changed the way I walked. Set, they had to remind me that I wasn’t actually pregnant.

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