Virtual pregnancy help tool provides another way to reach clients

When young women in central Pennsylvania were undecided about their pregnancy, the HopeSync pregnancy help communication tool was an important resource.

Corner of the Hope Family Resource Center in Shamokin, Pennsylvania, has been enrolled in the HopeThink program for just one year.

Linda Harris, director of client services, has been talking to women contemplating abortions at the center for five years. , was told that a woman contemplating an abortion had some questions.

“We talked virtually,” Harris said of her time with the client.

“She just had a baby and said she couldn’t have another,” Harris said. The young woman had been to the center for help in the past. Because of the trust that was built, Harris said he felt clients wanted information from the office before proceeding with their abortion drug purchases.

“She wanted to know what would happen during the abortion,” Harris said.

At that time, Harris offered to text her the information via HopeSync.

The HopeSync program has a two-tier system. There is an “Abortion Concern Tree” with 150 videos and other information about the procedure.

There’s also the option to pull from a ‘literature tree’ containing over 200 text pamphlets on a variety of topics including parenting, sexual health, and baby care.

The content comes in three formats, educational, professional, and relational, according to the website. The educational side has all the facts about abortion, how it works, side effects and risks. These medical professionals are men and women who have previously performed surgery. We have also received feedback from women who have had abortions and have made up relevant content.

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Harris sent the client three texts containing information. She said HopeSync recommends sending no more than three separate texts so as not to overwhelm the client.

When Harris returned to the office a few days later, he called clients and left voicemails.

This particular client in October returned Harris’ phone. She and her baby’s father saw the information from HopeSync and made the decision to go ahead with the pregnancy.

Harris said when the center launched HopeSync in early 2022, it was a pilot. They eventually joined with a full subscription.

Harris uses this program more regularly. As 2023 begins, she has offered to speak directly to clients and email them more information.

“HopeSync has been very beneficial,” says Harris, whether center workers learn the client’s decisions or not.

This is how you connect with a client when you need them and can only contact them virtually.

“I recommend HopeSync because it’s factual medical information that we share with our clients so we can see what we’ve already shared with them,” she said.

Tweet this: HopeSync is a way to connect with clients with real medical information when they need it and can only be reached virtually.

“This allows us to reach out to them in a way that they are accustomed to, especially the women we speak on the phone and who are unable to come to the center,” Harris said. increase. “I can share with them the testimonies of girls who have already gone through what they are going through. HopeSync is definitely a blessing to our ministry.”

More information about HopeSync is available here.

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