Waitress accused of ‘ruining’ pregnancy announcement after restaurant mix up

A waitress was accused of ruining a person’s pregnancy announcement after a restaurant mess involving a bill.

It is fairly common for pregnant women to enjoy non-alcoholic spirits, cocktails and beers while on the go.

Gone are the days when you needed orange juice and people asked you why you didn’t drink it.

Anyway, this one waiter got into trouble after serving a large group of virgin cocktails.

Brooke Steinschifter (@brooke.steins) took to TikTok to explain the situation and ask followers if they think she’s wrong.

In the video, she defends herself and claims the situation was a simple mistake.

So the story begins with Brooke offering a large table for “15 or 17 people”.

She noticed that a few women in the group weren’t participating in the drinking fun, but thought nothing of it.

Brooke insisted the women didn’t want anyone to know they weren’t drinking, so non-alcoholic cocktails and more were chosen from the menu.

The waitress said the women would wink at her, so she wondered if one or both of the women were pregnant.

Anyway, as the night went on, things got a little more complicated for Brooke when it came to splitting the bill.

Brooke described how the two women were drinking virgin drinks. Credit: brooke.steins/TikTok

With so many alcoholic beverages alongside virgin drinks it was difficult to split the bill to the right people without anyone knowing that two women had virgin drinks all nightMore .

“I accidentally put a virgin drink in the bill when I was splitting it, and it wasn’t meant for the person I gave it to,” Brooke said.

“So I actually handed someone a bill with a virgin mojito on it and she got the mojito so it didn’t register in my brain.

Brooke explained that she just put the virgin drink on the wrong bill and tried not to make a big deal out of it.

But of course someone asked at the table where they were drinking virgin drinks.

Brooke then said her manager came up to her and said the woman was “so upset” because the pregnancy announcement was “ruined.”

A woman who had a virgin drink was alleged to have
A woman who had a virgin drink was alleged to have “ruined” her pregnancy announcement. Credit: AAC/Alamy Stock Photo

A woman sitting at the table said, “You gave someone the wrong bill, so everyone at the table knows she’s pregnant. That’s very unprofessional.”

In the TikTok comments section, people were quick to defend Brooke.

One said, “It’s not your fault. They risk getting caught when they go out drinking with their friends.”

Second added: “How did you know she was pregnant? You’re not a mind reader.

And the third said, “Bartenders and servers here: They could have done it any other way. You were smooth.”

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