‘We Have Truly Done It All’

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley Cuoco fans are double watching!

pregnant meet cute The star, 37, shared snaps of her twins with body double Monette Moio.

In the photo, Cuoco’s real-life baby bump is in full display, touching Moio’s fictional pregnant belly as the two wear matching yellow Hatchgal dresses and white sneakers. .

Cuoco teased Moio’s outfit, adding, “Now I’m pregnant playing her lol,” above the photo, adding, “We really did everything together.”

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Cuoco and Moio have had quite the journey through Cuoco’s pregnancy.

In October big bang theory The alumnus shared the exciting news that she is expecting a daughter, her first baby with actor boyfriend Tom Pelfrey. I shared it in my story.

She posed with Moio in one photo and said she was “very sick” because the pair “shot an action movie.”

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Kaley Cuoco pregnant

Kaley Cuoco pregnant

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

“@monettemoio, remember when I was pregnant and very sick shooting an action movie?” she wrote.

Shortly after Cuoco’s pregnancy announcement, a source close to the actress told PEOPLE that she “couldn’t be happier” that she’s expecting a baby girl.

A source said Cuoco is “ready to be a mother,” adding, “She’s so excited for it to happen. Kaley’s been dreaming about this for a while. She’s very happy.”

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“Kaylee will be an incredible mom,” another source added at the time. “She’s funny, warm, and gets along well with the kids.”

Speaking of Cuoco’s relationship with Perfrey, a friend close to the actress is “thrilled that she’s found out,” a first source told PEOPLE.

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“Tom is a great guy and loves Kaley just the way she is. He’s very nice to her. And there’s something very calm and mature about their relationship,” the insider added.

Cuoco and Perfrey had a “love at first sight” moment at the film’s premiere. ozarksaid Cuoco addition at the premiere of meet cute.

“My manager actually treated me as a guest ozark premiere, and I met him there,” Cuoco recalled of her first real-life meet-cute with the actor. “It was like an angel started singing. I was like, ‘Hallelujah! bottom. It was so magical…perfect. ”

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