What Is Pregnancy Nose? Why It’s Trending On TikTok

If you have ever been pregnant, surely very Be familiar with all the hormonal changes that occur and how those changes have affected you physically, emotionally and mentally. is called. Now mothers are sharing their experiences with pregnant noses on her TikTok. The videos are funny enough to resonate with.

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Women around the world have shared TikToks featuring pre-pregnancy and pre-pregnancy/post-pregnancy “before and after” photos to show the huge difference in how their noses look during each phase. In most cases, the nose will look noticeably larger during the third trimester of pregnancy.

It’s a subtle difference for some women, and an instant difference for others. are available).

What is Pregnancy Nose?

“Pregnant nose” is just the real deal. Hormones, especially estrogens, increase blood flow everywhere during pregnancy. The nose contains mucous membranes. This is why your nose physically looks bigger during pregnancy.

Gestational rhinitis is also caused by inflammation of the same mucous membranes, causing nasal congestion. If you are pregnant, you may not notice any change in the appearance of your nose, but you may notice that your nasal passages are chronically clogged.

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So if you are currently or have been pregnant and your nose is or was once the bane of your existence, it can be really annoying to deal with, but know you are not alone. Please give me.

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