What to Know About the ‘Pregnancy Nose’ Photos That Are All Over TikTok

There are many physical changes to expect during pregnancy. But… is your nose growing? And according to some people who are pregnant, it can have puzzling side effects. is a hot topic.

In one video that has over 44,000 likes, TikTok user @mamba.basa shared a “pre-pregnancy” photo and said she thinks she’s “so cute” during pregnancy. Her video then cuts to a second photo of her, with her face (and nose) looking a little different. Her caption read, “Look at the size of my nose… #pregnant nose.”

“Towards the end of my pregnancy, my face was so swollen,” TikTok user @alexajoelenejacobson said in a video. “This was purely due to swelling and all the moisture I was retaining,” she said. , I feel an inch wider. My face felt so tight.”

Of course, TikTok is full of questionable health claims, so it’s natural to be skeptical. Experts say this is the deal.

After all, a “pregnant nose” is a real possibility.

If you talk to your doctor, it may be called “gestational rhinitis.” There are not many studies on this side effect, but one study in 2013 found that 39% of her 117 pregnant women who participated in the study experienced the side effect. Another older paper defined gestational rhinitis as “nasal congestion during the last 6 weeks or more of pregnancy, in the absence of other signs of respiratory tract infection, and no known cause of allergy”. The appearance of a baby can change at any point during pregnancy, Graves, M.D., a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies in Christine Orlando, tells SELF.

For example, your nose may appear larger or swollen and puffy. According to Linda N. Lee, M.D., FACS, a physician and assistant professor at the Massachusetts Center for Facial and Aesthetic Surgery in the Massachusetts, it’s possible to get a lot of pain, like what you experience when your allergies get worse or you catch a cold. You may even feel shortness of breath or blockage. A doctor of ENT-Head and Neck Surgery at his School of Harvard Medical School told SELF.

The exact cause of a “pregnant nose” is up in the air, but experts have a few solid theories.

It’s no surprise that swelling occurs in unexpected places during pregnancy. The body is producing more blood and fluids to support the needs of the fetus. “The body wants more blood flow to the uterus,” says Dr. Lee, but all that extra fluid has to go somewhere, including your nasal passages. There’s also the “relaxation of blood vessels” that occurs during pregnancy due to an increase in the hormone progesterone in your body, “which can make your nose look a little bigger,” Dr. Graves says. Placental growth hormone (PGH), which is produced and secreted by the placenta during pregnancy, may also be involved.

You can’t stop getting a nose (or other swelling) during pregnancy, but it doesn’t last forever.

Unfortunately, there is no miracle product or massage technique that will completely reduce swelling of the nose and face during pregnancy. can be eliminated, Dr. Lee says.

The good news: Pregnancy swelling doesn’t last forever. Some studies suggest that it takes him up to two weeks for his gestational rhinitis to go away on its own after giving birth, but Dr. Greves says the time to return to “normal” can range from weeks to weeks. It depends on the person. That means your nose should be back to normal size by then, or (hopefully) sooner.


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