Why we’re unable to quit alcohol despite health risks –Pregnant women

Some pregnant women who used to drink alcoholic beverages before conception find it difficult to quit alcoholic beverages during pregnancy, despite the potential health risks to the fetus. We shared our experience with HealthWise. Angela Onwuzou report

Several Pregnant residents of Lagos state said that it was difficult to abstain from alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because they were accustomed to alcoholic beverages before pregnancy.

Expectant mothers say their constant urge to drink ignores repeated warnings from doctors that alcohol consumption during pregnancy is not good and can affect the baby’s brain development. rice field.

Doctors say this is cause for concern. They warned that the practice could increase Nigeria’s already high infant mortality rate.

Several pregnant women told PUNCH HealthWise that they have slightly reduced the amount of alcoholic beverages they consume, but said they still consume their favorite brands of alcoholic beverages whenever they want to indulge.

The 28-year-old mother of two, pregnant with her third child, who identifies herself as Ada for fear of stigmatization, told our correspondent that she drank beer in middle school. He said he started drinking, adding that he can’t stop drinking beer. She has been pregnant for 9 months just because she is pregnant.

Ada, who is five months pregnant and runs a restaurant in Lagos, grew up with people consuming alcohol in excess, so she developed a love for alcoholic beverages even during her pregnancy.

Sharing her experience on PUNCH HealthWise, Imo State Indigene said:

hard to resist

“My doctor warned me about the dangers of alcohol consumption, including my husband’s sister. I’m also the type to drink a lot, so most of the time when I see him drinking even though I say I don’t drink, I grab a glass and go with him.

“I started drinking when I was in middle school. I first encountered a bottle of beer when I was 15. I started drinking one a day and gradually graduated to four. It can conveniently carry 4 or more bottles of beer without bogging down.”

Ada pointed out that her upbringing and the business nature of her parents caused her problems with excessive alcohol consumption.

“My parents run a beer parlor in Owerri. .

“Sometimes when a man buys himself a drink or pepper soup, he buys it for me too. You can drink it up.

“Also, I make a lot of sales for my mother, so she always gave me a drink. Of course beer is my choice, so I usually drink beer,” she said. rice field.

A mother of two told a correspondent that drinking alcohol helps curb the appetite and weight gain associated with pregnancy.

She went on to say: I drink at least two of her beers a week. Every beer she drinks reduces her appetite for food and keeps her nauseous.

“My two children are fine. But I’ve been warned by my doctor to stop thinking about it, so I’m cutting down on my alcohol intake in this third pregnancy.

“He told me the effects could show up later. I try to resist the urge to overdose on alcohol, but I try not to hold back because it’s not easy.

“What some people don’t know is that it’s easier for women who don’t drink or who aren’t heavy drinkers to abstain from alcohol during pregnancy than it is for women who were regular drinkers before pregnancy. That is.

“Those people can easily look away from alcoholic beverages, but not heavy drinkers like us. It’s not easy. We have to tell ourselves the truth.” it won’t.”

Drinking alcoholic beverages during pregnancy is a leading cause of birth defects

Data from the American Addiction Centers show that alcohol use during pregnancy is a leading preventable cause of birth defects.

“Pregnant women and those trying to conceive should avoid alcohol completely until the baby is born.

“Drinking alcohol of any kind during pregnancy can lead to premature birth, miscarriage, stillbirth, and a variety of developmental, physical, mental and emotional disorders and disorders in the baby, collectively referred to as the fetal alcohol spectrum. It’s called a disability,” warns the center.

Physicians also underestimate the effects of alcohol consumption during pregnancy, blaming the attitudes of some women who still indulge in drinking.

Dr. Makinde Akinremibora, a general practitioner, said it was disappointing for women to consume alcohol during pregnancy, citing adverse effects, especially on children.

Akin Remi Bora, president of the Nigerian Association of Private Practitioners, explains: As you can see, alcohol has a very devastating effect on both mother and fetus with respect to proper brain development.

“So people who say there is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol during pregnancy are either dependent on it and there is nothing they can do about it, or they don’t understand and care about the effects of alcohol. not

not aware of the risks

Another woman, Wunmi Ishola, 32, who is four months pregnant, said her body could tolerate alcohol during pregnancy.

The trader and mother of three started drinking alcohol before she got pregnant and says she sees no reason to quit.

“I love stouts. My husband knows I have nothing to do with soft drinks. .

“But when I was pregnant with my first child and went to antenatal care, I was advised to avoid alcohol until after I gave birth. I drank and enjoyed myself.

“So when the doctor asked me to stop by, it wasn’t easy for me. I thought I was going to be sober for two weeks, but I couldn’t. I kept drinking until I gave birth.”

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