Wilson County, TN pregnancy resource nonprofit’s offer to help still stands amid abortion ban

Nashville, Tennessee (WKRN) — Nearly five months after Tennessee’s abortion “trigger law” went into effect, more controversy hits Tennessee on the 50th anniversary of its landmark Roe v. Wade ruling happened.

“The 50th anniversary of our nation’s celebration of abortion rights and all the progress we’ve made should be a dark moment by now because it’s a reminder that for the first time in history those rights have been taken away from us. ‘ said the senator. London Lamar, chairman of the Senate Democratic Caucus.

But for others, it’s a move they’ve wanted for years.

In May 2022, Bo Linam told News 2 that he was hopeful after hearing rumors that Roe v. Wade had been overturned. Lynham stood outside her Planned Parenthood in Nashville to provide women with alternative abortion resources through his organization in Wilson County, Hope Beyond Abortion.

On Sunday, Jan. 22, five months after trigger laws went into effect in Tennessee, News 2 asked Linam if his offer was still valid.

“If you’re a woman in Tennessee, or anywhere, our offer is still valid,” Lynnham said. We are happy to help you.”

Additionally, Lynam said his organization is still willing to support women financially.

“If they need help paying the bills, if they need groceries, if they’re having trouble figuring out childcare, we’re there for the woman. We have the means to handle it,” said Lynam.

Since the end of August 2022, Hope Beyond Abortion has not seen the expected influx of women who cannot have abortions in-state. It includes reaching out to women who are in public.

“We were working at an abortion clinic in Washington, D.C. yesterday,” Lynum said. “When a mother chose life for her child, I told her, ‘My promise to you is not up to the child.’ Invite us to this child’s high school graduation.” If you don’t give it to us, we will be offended.”

While many feel that women in Tennessee have been disenfranchised, Lynham hopes the law will be strengthened further.

“It’s a bill that stops the flow of drugs in situations where women go to the living room for their first abortion instead of going to the clinic,” Lynham said.

But the possibility of making the law stricter is inconceivable to others.

“Tennessee is a forced birth state under Republican control. Told.

The news comes just weeks after Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton, a Republican, expressed support for clarifying some of the state’s abortion bans.

Meanwhile, Rep. Debra Moody (R-Covington) introduced a bill that would prohibit local governments from “spending funds for the purpose of helping people obtain abortions.”

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