Woman Fired For Pregnancy, Receives Rs 15 Lakh Compensation

A woman received Rs 150,000 compensation after being fired for telling her boss about her pregnancy.

Charlotte Leach, 34, who worked in the administration department of security systems supply chain based in Essex, was fired after telling her manager she was pregnant.

Leach explained to her boss, who is also a mother, that she was worried about her child’s welfare because she had had multiple miscarriages in the past. Her only consolation was that she was laid off from her job.

Her boss claimed Leach was not entitled to maternity leave because she had not yet signed a new employee contract, saying, “We are under no obligation to keep you.”

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woman fired due to pregnancy

Unfortunately, Leach lost her baby within weeks of being laid off from her job. After her employment court ruled that Leach was dismissed for reasons related to her pregnancy, she was awarded compensation of £14,885 (Rs. 14,86,856).

Leach has been working as an administrative assistant with CIS Services since May 2021, earning £20,000 a year.

According to news outlets, Reich said he “felt degraded and worthless” after being fired from his job. She added: It seriously affected my life. It caused absolute chaos. I couldn’t hold back another job. I had panic attacks all the time. “

Similar case

This isn’t the first time a woman has been fired for being pregnant.

In November of this year, 38-year-old Donna Patterson of West Yorkshire, England, sued Morrisons, the supermarket chain she worked for, for discriminating against her after she returned to work after maternity leave.

The company canceled her job offer to become a confectionery buyer when she revealed she was pregnant. I expected her to work full time despite the fact that

Patterson was awarded £60,000 (approximately Rs.

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