Woman Shows Dramatic Pregnancy Transformation, Netizens Stunned By Huge Change

  • A woman showed society how much she changed when she had a baby
  • The woman started by showing what she looked like before, and the video transitioned to what she looked like in the last months of her pregnancy.
  • The shocking body and facial transformation left many people speechless, and some netizens were reluctant to believe that the clip showed the same person.

The woman left the peep speechless after posting a video showing the drastic transformation during pregnancy.

Pregnant tyreecewood1 looks a lot different. Image: tyreecewood1/TikTok.
Source: UGC

The woman started the clip by showing what she looked like before, and then how her body changed during the last months of her pregnancy.

She looked like a completely different person because her face was completely different.

TikTok user tyreecewood1 posted a video.

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Here’s the clip:

TikTok users shocked by how pregnant women look

Most netizens couldn’t believe how much the new mom had changed:

Jyoti says:

“Could you tell me how your pregnancy went?”

Erica said worriedly:

“I have a question! What do you look like now? Scary.”

JDizz wrote:

“It’s two different people. I’m not ready at this point in my pregnancy.”

Shariish07 joked:

“I’m going to give birth as a surrogate!”

Mariana asked:

“What happened to the glow of the pregnancy that was supposed to happen?”

Briah_2014 says:

“Lord, I know what you’ve done to others. Don’t do it to me.”

marissastar17 says:

“Pregnancy makes us humble, ladies.”

Carla Thomas commented:

“Those comments aren’t. You’re still beautiful, girl. I completely lost myself in pregnancy and motherhood. It doesn’t detract from our beauty.”

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