Woman ‘unaware’ of her pregnancy gives birth in airplane washroom; here’s what happened

The birth of a child always brings joy to mothers, but what happens when new mothers are unaware of their pregnancy? The incident took a big turn! Passengers on a flight from Guayaquil, Ecuador to Amsterdam on Dec. 11 were stunned after a woman who didn’t even know she was pregnant gave birth to her child in the plane’s toilet, according to reports. A spokesperson for the airline claimed that a medical professional on board the flight assisted the pregnant woman in giving birth.

According to the NL Times, new mother Tamara was on her way from Ecuador to her destination, Spain, with a layover at Schiphol Airport outside Amsterdam when the incident happened. After the plane landed at Schiphol Airport, her mother and child were admitted to Spaane Gasthuis Haarlem Zaid Hospital. The pregnant woman had abdominal pains hours before landing at Schiphol airport, the hospital said. When she went to the restroom on her plane, she realized her stomach pains were actually contractions.

Toddler Named After Medical Professional Who Helped Tamara

Describing Tamara’s hardship, the hospital said, “A few hours before landing in Holland, her stomach hurt and she decided to go to the bathroom. I have a baby on my hands.” Later, the hospital revealed that Tamara was unaware of the pregnancy and was very surprised by the turn of events. A doctor and a nurse helped Tamara give birth during the flight. Tamara then named her baby boy ‘Maximiliano’. This is the name of the medical personnel who helped Tamara.

“Happily, Tamara and Maximiliano were in good health,” said Schiphol Hospital of the mother and child’s current condition. The hospital also claimed that it was not only taking care of the mother, but also securing the necessary documents for the newborn. , and I wish them every success,” reads on their website.

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