Woman’s brain tumour growth ‘accelerated’ by pregnancy hormones

AhBye Naylor, 28, was rushed to Macclesfield Hospital in Cheshire a week after the arrival of her son Roman when she began suffering “excruciating” migraines in October 2022.

After a CT scan, doctors told Abi and her husband, Ross, 28, that she had a 7-cm tumor growing in her brain. They said he would need emergency surgery at Salford Royal Hospital in Greater Manchester.

The shocked couple were told that her pregnancy hormones had caused the tumor to “accelerate” and was on the verge of causing permanent nerve damage.

Left unattended any longer, it could have become inoperable and caused “life-changing” problems with her fine motor skills and facial muscles.

Fortunately, doctors were able to remove the tumor. It was found to be benign, so Abi does not require further treatment.

The couple was overjoyed to welcome their son after suffering a tragic miscarriage in 2021 that left their first baby stillborn.

Abi, a workplace leader from Congleton, Cheshire, said:

“Doctors believe the hormones and stress of work outweighed the growth of the tumor.

“If I hadn’t been pregnant, it might have grown longer and caused more damage.

“My little boy literally saved my life.”

(Ross Naylor/SWNS)

When Abi and Ross’ wedding was postponed to June 2020 due to Covid-19, they decided to try a baby.

A few months later, the couple were overjoyed to discover that Abi was pregnant in 2021.

However, a 12-week scan revealed that the baby’s brain wasn’t developing properly.

Abi gave birth to a stillborn when she was 14 weeks old.

she said:

“But we tried to start the new year with a positive mindset.”

The couple were overjoyed to discover that Abi was pregnant again in February 2022.

(Ross Naylor/SWNS)

They finally tied the knot in July 2021, planning to reveal their gender on their big day, using blue balloons to tell loved ones they were expecting a boy.

Official Ross said:

“The wedding and gender reveal were perfect. I was hoping that the difficult years would pass.”

Abi’s pregnancy was going well until she collapsed suddenly at 37 weeks.

She was taken to Macclesfield Hospital in Cheshire, but doctors were unable to find a cause.

she said:

(Matthew Lofthouse SWNS)

“It wasn’t explained, but I thought it was just one of those weird things because it made me feel better afterwards.”

A few weeks later, when Abi was 39 weeks old, she gave birth at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

The couple welcomed their little boy Roman on October 11, 2022, who weighs a healthy 7 pounds 10 ounces.

Everything seemed fine until Abi’s health improved a week later while she was at home.

she said:

“After a few days I could barely see or walk, so Ross took me to the A&E at Macclesfield Hospital.

“At first, doctors thought it was a reaction to the epidural I had during labor, but we asked for more tests.”

A CT scan revealed a tumor, and two days later she was transferred for emergency brain surgery.

(Matthew Lofthouse SWNS)

After four hours of surgery and MRI scans, doctors were able to remove all traces of the mass.

Ross says:

“They didn’t know if it was cancer or what the surgery would find.

“It was a very scary time, especially right after Roman arrived.”

No further treatment is required, but the mother of one has continued to undergo checkups and is now enjoying time with Roman as she recovers from her surgery.

Abi says:

“I always blame it on not drinking enough water or my period.

“If you feel something is wrong, be sure to go to the doctor and get tested.

Ross added:

“It’s scary to think what would have happened without Roman.

“He’s a little hero.

“She’s still recovering, but she’s doing amazingly well.”

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