Woman’s IUD causes her to go into labour without being pregnant

A young woman revealed that her decision to change her birth control method led to her giving birth without becoming pregnant.

Holly Smallwood, who uses @hollyyywood on TikTok, took to her social media app to reveal how it all happened.

She said she wanted to stop using hormonal birth control and decided to switch to a non-hormonal IUD, the Copper T.

Holly said she recently moved and drove eight hours to book an appointment with her gynecologist.

“She asked me if I knew what to expect since it was my first IUD and told me the story,” she told her followers.

Her doctor said she was in pain, but Holly said she had a fairly high pain tolerance.

“So she went to insert it and it wasn’t the worst pain she’d ever had and she threw the glove in the trash,” Holly said.

“She said she would have cramps for the next seven to 10 minutes.

Five minutes later, the nurse did just that, but by this time Holly was in a lot of pain and was starting to feel “weird.”

The nurse told her to wait a few more minutes until she calmed down.

Another five minutes later, when the nurse arrives, Holly begins to vomit and begins to see dark spots before passing out.

“Within the next five minutes, all hell broke loose. My hands and feet were numb and I was sweating profusely,” she said.

“She seems to be getting a little worried, but she also said that some people endure the pain in different ways.

“But she said she’d seen this before, but felt something she’d only heard in the movies.

“I don’t know how you knew, but I had labor pains.”

She also said there was an endorphin release that made her question the “worst pain” she’d ever experienced.

Holly said that’s when her family asked her if she was having seizures because her hands were stuck, and doctors came back.

The IUD was removed, and doctors said they had only seen Holly react once because it was placed on a nerve.

Holly’s body was going into labor trying to push out the IUD. Her doctor said that if Holly had been pregnant, she would have had an epidural by that point.

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