Young Australian mum reveals how pregnancy changed her body and hits back at cruel online trolls

A young mother revealed that pregnancy and childbirth had taken its toll on my body, blaming the cruel vandalism that sought to shame her body.

Mia Somerville from Canberra shared what her body looked like in a viral video on TikTok, comparing the sagging skin around her stomach before and now.

She told she thought her belly would ‘grow back’ after giving birth, but despite having to ‘get used to’ her new body, changing being a mother ‘for the world’ He said he wasn’t going to.

The 24-year-old also had to respond to bodyshamers who commented on her videos that her belly was “terrible.”

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Mia Somerville (pictured) has inspired millions after she admitted she thought her body would “grow back” after giving birth and shared the physical strain pregnancy took on her. was

Previous: In a viral TikTok clip, Mia shared an image of what her body looked like days after finding out she was pregnant

After: The 24-year-old lifted her shirt to reveal what her belly looked like three months postpartum.

Before and after: In a viral TikTok clip, the 24-year-old showed what her body looked like before pregnancy (left) and revealed what her belly looked like three months postpartum (right).

“I mean, this was my body when I was four weeks pregnant,” Mia said, pointing to an image of her in a bikini with a flat stomach just days after she found out she was pregnant. rice field.

“I had a great belly and loved my body. I was so confident in my body and pregnancy changed things. Obviously I have this beautiful girl now, but I I have no intention of changing anything for the sake of the world.

Since giving birth to daughter Pippa in September, Mia has been told by two physios that she needs plastic surgery if she wants to get her pre-pregnancy belly back.

“I want to put this on the record, I’m not saying my new body is bad, it’s just different,” the mother said before lifting her shirt to reveal the loose skin around her belly. said to

“I’m 40 plus 6. I’ve had a lot of stretching done in the last few weeks. I have a three finger abdomen separation, a mild prolapse, and a belly button that probably doesn’t look the same.”

“This is what I’ve grown accustomed to and what it looks like after giving birth.”

Many of the clip’s 2.4 million viewers were so touched by Mia’s message that they said:

“Exhilarating to see a real postpartum body!”

Many of the clip's 2.4 million viewers were touched by Mia's message

Many of the clip’s 2.4 million viewers were touched by Mia’s message

But not all the comments were favourable, with one troll saying her stomach “looks horrible” and another wrote a video of her saying she was “scared to have kids.”

Mia clapped back to the body-insulting bullies and said:

“I realized that you never know what your postpartum body will look like,” she said in another video response.

“It looks like stretch marks, or loose skin, or it doesn’t look like it used to. This is what can happen,” she said.

She said she was baffled by how many people “give up” on starting a family because they care too much about their appearance.

Mia admitted she was unprepared for the

Mia admitted she was unprepared for the “mental and physical” changes of motherhood and shared the video to try to “normalize” her postpartum body.

“We as a society are so obsessed with perfection that we feel so much pressure for women’s bodies to look like this. It’s mind-boggling, I’m not worried about it.” , why you?” she said.

Mia admitted she was unprepared for the “mental and physical” changes of motherhood and shared the video to try to “normalize” her postpartum body.

“We’re not exposed to substance in the mainstream media. Every celebrity or influencer you see seems to ‘grow back’ days after giving birth.”

“Tammy Hembrough was literally wearing gym gear the day after she had her third child. I thought it would look like

Mia said she wasn’t bothered by the online trolls, but added she was overwhelmed by the positive response, though she worries about other mothers reading offensive messages and feeling bad about themselves. I got

“When other people said my videos helped them feel seen and recognized, it meant everything to me. We’re all in this together. After all, You will have beautiful children out of it,” she said.

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