Young & Pregnant’ Star Malorie Beaver Gives Birth to Second Child; Gives Him a Very Unique Name – The Ashley’s Reality Roundup

“Make space in the beaver dam! We made a damn baby!

A new member has joined the Beaver family!

Mallory Bieber— sister of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star rachel bieber— gave birth to her second child, a son, on Friday.mallory and boyfriend Achilles Crow baby very Proper Name: Ascecieus Seagren Storm. (And no, it’s not misspelled…sadly.)

Mallory is already the mother of daughter Emerson, whose father lane fernandez He passed away earlier this year.

Mallory and Rachel’s mom Stephanie PoloAscecieus proudly posted the baby’s photo and birth information after it arrived.

“I want you to meet my baby Ash, who is 9 pounds 7 ounces and 21.5 inches long,” she wrote in the caption of a photo posted on Instagram. I’m so proud of you, you’re tougher than I am and I’m so happy Achilles Crow and her are happy parents. I am a proud Mimi.”

Mallory announced her pregnancy on July 4, after which she revealed that she intended to name her child Ascecieus Seagren Storm. This led to a lot of criticism from her Instagram followers. In November, she explained why she chose her name and how it’s pronounced.

“Because people are still confused about the pronunciation of Ashesius’ name, Ace See Us,” she wrote on Instagram Stories.

Raise your hand if you just gave birth to a new beaver.

She basically explained that she created a name for herself by combining the name of her favorite anime character with the name Odysseus.

“I came up with the name (taken from one of my favorite anime names and Odysseus’ name). I took letters from both his father’s and my name to get the spelling,” Mallory said. wrote.

Mallory also told her followers that she wanted her bunch of beavers to have a unique name.

“I’m sure you don’t have to worry about it!”

Mallory also explained why he gave Ashesieus the middle name “Seagrand”.When Ashley posted about her name earlier, many fans assumed Mallory was using her name as a tribute to Seagram, a company that makes gin and fruity wine coolers. Mallory assured fans that she did No Choose a name for your alcohol brand.

“As for his middle name Seagrand, it has nothing to do with alcohol and was taken from the name ‘Seigrain,’” Mallory revealed. “I love the ocean, and I thought the name Seagrand was appropriate.”

(After some Google discussion, The Ashley discovered that “Siegrain” is actually another name for an anime character, but Malorie misspelled it as “Seigrain.”)

Anyway, on Saturday, Mallory posted a photo of him in the car seat so he could apparently take the baby home.

“God knew how much I needed your little dragon,” she wrote on Instagram.

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(Photo: Instagram; MTV)

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